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Welcome to a free website devoted to helping you understand the HUD and FHA to ensure you make a wise choice for yourself and your family. If you have any questions or would like to get started with your FHA or HUD request please click the Apply Now button and an FHA Loan Officer will help you and answer any questions you may have for free.

FHA mortgages have many advantages such as:

* Very flexible underwriting ensures easy qualifications and approvals

* Affordable monthly payments

* Low fixed rates ensure your mortgage payment will never increase

* You do not need perfect credit to qualify

* Low minimum credit scores


First Time Home Buyers

FHA Mortgages or Home Loans are perfect for the First Time Home Buyer and what is even better is that some of the first time buyers might qualify for assistance or grant money. You would never get that level of service from any Bank. FHA Mortgages are also much easier to qualify for so if you have lower income or a lower credit score then most chances are that you would still be able to qualify for an FHA Mortgage. Once you apply ask your FHA Loan Officer about your specific path to homeownership! You will be surprised at how easy FHA financing can be.


Mortgages for Anyone

You don’t have to be a First Time Buyer to qualify for FHA or HUD loans! No matter how many mortgages you have had and no matter how many homes you still qualify for FHA funding. You can even purchase up to a 4-unit house with a conventional FHA mortgage or refurbish a house that needs a little extra care. There is an FHA Mortgage for any situation! Apply today to ask your FHA Loan officer.


Low Rates Even for Bad Credit

High interest rates do not exist with FHA Mortgages. You will not be sold into a risky subprime adjustable mortgage with unpredictable rates and payments. Your payment will remain fixed for 30 years at a low interest rate! Not matter what your credit you will still get a low interest rate once you Apply Now and speak with your assigned FHA Loan Officer.


Rates and Payments Start and Stay Low

FHA Loans come in many flavors and many different terms. You can rest easy with an FHA Mortgage since rates and payments start and stay low! Get sound peace of mind and the security of the American Government behind your mortgage.


Qualifications and Pre-Approvals are Free

Getting qualified for an FHA Loan is very easy and the process if free of charge. You will need to speak to your FHA Loan Officer to get the process started. Please make sure to Apply Now and mention that would would like to be Pre-Approved for an FHA Loan or Mortgage! The process is easy and the award is a home of your very own!