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Supportive Housing for the Elderly 202

Supportive Housing for the Elderly 202

This program provides assistance in expanding the supply of housing with supportive services for the elderly.

The program is designed to give capital advances to eligible private, nonprofit sponsors to finance the development of rental housing that has supportive services for the elderly. The capital advance is interest free and does not have to be repaid as long as the housing remains available for very low income elderly people for no less than 40 years. The rental assistance that is provided will cover the difference between operating cost and the tenants contributions toward the rent which is usually 30% of their monthly adjusted income.

The Eligibility for this program is for private and nonprofit organizations as well as consumer cooperatives who may apply. The occupancy is for low income households which has at lest one person 62 years old or older.

Assisted Living Conversion Program

Assisted Living Conversion Program; (ALCP)

This program gives grants to the owners of private nonprofit eligible developments; so that they can convert some of or all of their dwelling units into a assisted living facility for the elderly needing assistance.

The program is designed to fund the costs of converting some or all of units in the development, into a assisted living facility. The funding can include the units configuration as well as the common and service spaces as well as any other necessary remolding that is within the regulations of HUD or the states statutes.

ALF’s (Assisted Living Facilities), are housing designed to accommodate people with disabilities and the frail elderly; who can not live on their own, but need assistance; with daily living. Assistance provided in the way of helping with daily activities such as eating, grooming, bathing, dressing, as well as home management. With this program the ALF’s will provide supportive services; like personal care, transportation, meals, housekeeping and laundry.

These facilities must be licensed and regulated by the state.

Emergency Capital Repairs Program

Emergency Capital Repairs Program

This program provides grant money to eligible multifamily projects, with elderly tenants, that are owned by nonprofit private organizations. So that they can make substantial capital repairs to the property. In the way of rehabilitating and modernizing or retrofitting aging structures in the dwelling units or the common areas. These repairs must relate to a immediate threat to the safety and health and quality of life for the tenants. This program is designed to provide a one time assistance for emergency items that could not be afforded within the operating budget of the facility.

The eligible multifamily properties are for the assisted housing developments that are designated for the occupancy by elderly tenants.

Manufactured Home Parks

Manufactured Home Parks (207)

This is a program that helps provide federal mortgage insurance to finance the construction or rehabilitation of manufactured home parks.

HUD will insure mortgages that are made by private lenders to help finance the construction or rehabilitation of manufactured home parks, that consist of 5 or more spaces. HUD must approve were the park is located and it must be in a area in which the market conditions show a need for such housing.

The eligibility for this program is open to Investors, developers, builders,and cooperatives, and others that meet HUD’s requirements. If eligible you may apply to a FHA approved lender after conferring with a local HUD office.

Urban Renewal Areas

Mortgage & Major Home Improvement Loan Insurance for Urban Renewal Areas (220)

This program is for Investors, developers, builders, individual homeowners, and apartment owners. This program offers federally insured mortgages for housing in urban renewal areas, were revitalization activities have been in process by local government.

HUD will insure loans to finance the improvements that enhance and preserve salvageable homes and apartments in a designated urban renewal area.

Existing Multifamily Rental Housing

Existing Multifamily Rental Housing; (207/223f)

This program is designed for investors, developers, builders, and others that meet HUD requirements.

Under the National Housing Act section 207/223f was developed for the purchase or refinancing of a existing apartment, or cooperative housing project and or for the purchasing and conversion of a existing rental project to cooperative housing. HUD may also insure mortgages on a existing multifamily project that does not need substantial rehabilitation. But the project must have 5 or more units and the rehabilitation must have been completed for 3 or more years ago.

Revitalization of Severely Distressed Public Housing

Revitalization of Severely Distressed Public Housing; HOPE VI

The purpose of this program is the eradication of severely distressed public housing.

This program was developed in 1993, its purpose has been to transform public housing; by encouraging the PHA to seek partnerships with private enterprises to create mixed finance and mixed income affordable housing. The HOPE VI program; in 2003 was expanded to assist local governments in the rejuvenation of affordable housing in their local.

  • Activities permitted under HOPE VI:
  • Major Reconstruction
  • Capital costs of demolition
  • Rehabilitation
  • Other physical improvements
  • Replacement housing
  • Management improvements
  • Planning & technical assistance
  • Provisions for support services

This program gives HUD the opportunities to provide competitive grants to PHA’s so they can carry out the HOPE VI activities. PHA’s will provide matching contributions, at least 5% of the grant amount.

The Eligibility for this program is for the PHA’s and smaller communities.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

This program is designed to help enable participating families to gain economic independence. This would be open to participants of the Housing Choice Voucher Programs, and public housing tenants. But using public and private resources.

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is administered by Public Housing Agency (PHA’s) with the help of Program Coordinating Committees (PCC’s).

Type of supportive services provided:

  • Child Care
  • Transportation
  • Remedial Education
  • Job Training

The Eligibility is to the Public Housing Agencies.

Rural Housing Development

Rural Housing and Economic Development Program

These are grants for and to meet the rural communities housing and economic development needs. This program is used to encourage new and innovative approaches to serving the housing and economic development needs of our nations rural communities.

The eligibility for this program are for local rural nonprofit organizations, community development corporations, federally recognized Indian tribes, state housing finance agencies, and state economic development and community development agencies.