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Current Special on bad credit leads up to 2000 per day! Contact us to lock in your daily requirement.

We specialize in providing you with real time live FHA leads. All of our leads are 100% exclusive! You are the only person that will ever get this lead unlike virtually every lead source on the Internet which constantly recycles leads and resells them many times – we sell them once – just to you! Since these leads are expecting a call specifically from you they are by far the best converting leads you will ever try. Yes you heard us right, we send out an email at the very instant we get a lead for you to the prospect with your information telling them you are their FHA Loan Officer.

Most other lead generation sites start exclusive leads at $90 apiece, we offer them for a fraction of that amount and go a step further by offering our leads in real time. The moment the leads fills out the request it will be sent directly to you. Request a custom quote above or purchase leads online to the left.

Our Leads are generated from our rich content site: http://www.FHAmortgage.org
Our leads come to us we don’t trick them in anyway! We are not buying data or cold calling! Our leads find us naturally online because they are searching for a Loan Officer that can assist them! These leads are fresh leads, and easy to convert.

We do not use false promotions to get leads
Leads are produced with PPC advertising only which ensures you will have the best possible lead

Our leads took action and requested to be contacted

They agreed and requested to be contacted if they are on the DNC registry

These leads are a mix of purchase and refinances

95% contact rate

Distributed in real time

Never re-sold or recycled!

Our leads are delivered to one or more email addresses.

Your borrower will receive a welcome email with your contact information.

Live FHA Leads = Exclusivity! That means you are not competing for business with many other loan officers! You would not be chasing leads that have been called 10 or more times by other lenders; and ultimately go nowhere with that lead! You will have a good lead that wants to talk to you! This translates to more closings and ultimately more money for you!

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