Mortgage payment examples are a 3.5% 30 year fixed payment based on current FHA loan rates. You may buy the mortgage down to 2.5% for 2 points. Ask you loan officer for details on a buy down, which can bring your payment down further. All FHA mortgage quotes assume at least a 580 credit score, no federal debt, and 3% down payment. If you do not meet these requirements your rate and payment could be different. Ask your loan officer for a customized quoted based on your profile.

Payment examples do not include PMI or Taxes.

Ask your loan officer about all options and about low fixed rates. Actual interest rates and terms availe will vary based on individual credit qualifications including credit history, income, loan to value, property type and location and other factors. FHAmortgage.org is publisher of mortgage information. FHAmortgage.org is not a lender and does not make loans.

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