affiliates has been in operation since 2005 and has provided millions of Americans customized rate quotes for FHA related programs. We offer our network of Loan Officers the ability to filter their leads and we only offer leads to our Loan Officers on a exclusive basis which means stable predictable pay outs to you. We have high payouts for all credit grades and our landing pages has been proven to convert at over 30% which means more volume of leads for us and more leads you are eligible to be paid on.

The Advantage:

  1. High nationwide demand for all lead types purchase or refinance.
  2. Bonus payouts when a lead checks their credit score.
  3. Very short 9 field one page lead form with Truste, McAfee, and Norton seals.
  4. Short lead form means you get paid on more of your traffic then with other companies.
  5. Dedicated support with integration help to provide a seamless and easy experience for you.

Get started with us today and make the most of your traffic.

While we accept poor or bad credit we do now allow you to bid on those keywords as part of your SEM strategies. All FHA programs and rate comparison keywords are however eligible.